Water Trails of the Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route National Historic Trail


The Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area (HRVNHA), in cooperation with the National Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route Association (W3R-US) is pleased to announce the publication of Water Trails of the Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route National Historic Trail in the Hudson River Valley in 1781 and 1782: A Historical Overview and Resource Inventory. The paper was painstakingly researched and written by Dr. Robert A. Selig, Historian of the Washington-Rochambeau National Historic Trail. This paper was produced in 2020 with financial support provided by the HRVNHA.

The Hudson River played a pivotal role as a corridor of transportation for troops and materials during the American Revolutionary War (the Revolution). The historical research closely examines strategies and initiatives developed during the Revolution, including

  • the anticipation of an allied siege of New York City,
  • the crossing of the Hudson by over 6,000 Franco-American troops from Peekskill/King’s Ferry to Stony Point as a key part of the march to Yorktown,
  • the celebratory encampment of the allied armies in Peekskill following the second crossing of the Hudson River upon the return of the comtede Rochambeau’s forces from Virginia in September 1782, and
  • the failed waterborne attempt by Continental Army forces sailing down the Hudson from Teller’s Point to surprise Loyalists at Fort Independence.

The Fort Independence excursion will be utilized for future inclusion in the Boater’s Guide to the Washington-Rochambeau National Historic Trail Water Routes.

The report compiles an inventory of current-day historical, cultural, and natural sites and resources in the Hudson River Valley that were significant in the Revolution in 1781 and 1782. To read the report click here.


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