Help Us Tell the Stories of the Washington-Rochambeau National Historic Trail

The National Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route Association Inc. (W3R-US) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that is the official partner of the National Park Service’s Washington Rochambeau National Historic Trail. We raise funds, educate the public, work with schoolchildren and teachers, and support long-term planning for the trail’s development.

The Washington-Rochambeau trail is the most urban of all the national trails, using public roadways to pass through highly diverse communities in need of economic development. As part of our mission, we support investments in those trail communities, with the goal of enhancing equitable access to local outdoor recreation, and tourism.

The trail also provides an important opportunity to tell a multicultural story of America’s founding. Thousands of allied French troops under General Rochambeau made victory at Yorktown possible on October 19, 1781. What’s more, French officers created a remarkable historic record in letters and journals that help us understand the factors that made American independence possible, including the vital contribution of soldiers of color in the American Continental Army.

Help us tell this story with your generous contribution of

  • $10,000 to help sustain our organization over the long-term
  • $3,500 to provide vital support to our education, interpretation and outdoor programs
  • $500 to sponsor commemorative events in the run-up to the 250th anniversary
  • Any amount can be sent and will help us continue our work!

To donate to the W3R-US by mail, please follow the directions here: [link to pdf]

To donate online, please click here:

You can also support W3R-US’s work by:

  • Becoming a life member
  • Doubling your donation with a matching gift through your employer’s matching gift program if available
  • Naming the W3R-US as a beneficiary in your life insurance policy
  • Including W3R-US in your will
  • Becoming a volunteer

Please use the Contact Us page for more information. Your contribution to W3R-US is now “above the line” tax deductible up to $300. No need to itemize because of the COVID-19 Relief Bill.