Ways to Help

The National Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route Association Inc. (W3R-US) supports the Washington Rochambeau National Historic Trail (WARO) by raising funds for interpretation, signage, education programs, living history, historical research and commemorative events. All donations are fully tax deductible.

Federal law prohibits the National Park Service from soliciting donations, although it can accept them. National Park Service staff cannot advocate for legislation or funding from public entities. That is where W3R-US comes in as WARO’s designated private sector partner organization. W3R-US lets elected officials know how important this trail, and its history, are to our nation, its states, and its communities.

To donate to the W3R-US by mail, please follow the directions here: [link to pdf]

To donate online, please click here:

You can also support W3R-US’s work by:

  • Becoming a life member
  • Doubling your donation with a matching gift through your employer’s matching gift program if available
  • Naming the W3R-US as a beneficiary in your life insurance policy
  • Including W3R-US in your will
  • Becoming a volunteer

Please use the Contact Us page for more information. Your contribution to W3R-US is now “above the line” tax deductible up to $300. No need to itemize because of the COVID-19 Relief Bill.