New Podcast Available: When Hungarian Soldiers Came to Rural Connecticut for the Winter, featuring Dr. Robert Selig

March 27th, 2023 News

Hussar of Lauzun’s Legion
Courtesy of Don Troiani 

Rochambeau’s French Army helped the Americans win the fight for independence against Britain in 1781. Yet, they had to overcome multiple cultural and economic hurdles to do so. Among the issues: Hussar Soldiers wore colorful and distinctive uniforms and were brave fighters, but they only spoke German and occasionally pillaged livestock and crops from the citizens of rural, English-speaking Lebanon, Connecticut, where they spent the winter of 1780. Yet, the locals were happy to have the money they spent on supplies. W3R-US historian and Revolutionary War expert Dr. Robert Selig explains this oft-forgotten aspect of the Revolutionary War and Connecticut’s role in it.

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