Shelly Bell

Shelly L. Bell (NJ)

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The Honorable Shelly L. Bell made history when she became the first African-African to receive her party’s nomination and endorsement to run for Township Committee in Montgomery, New Jersey in which she resides. She broke down further barriers by winning the election on November 3, 2020 making her a role model for other minority women with political aspirations. One of the programs she is actively involved in is Sisters of Refugee, a program that works directly with Hope Partners to connect women in refugee camps in Uganda and offers women the ability to encourage one another and share their struggles, joys, and triumphs.

Ms. Bell has extensive experience working with federal, state, and local governments. She has worked in state government for over 10 years under the former Assemblyman Craig Stanley of the New Jersey 28th Legislative District, where she advised political and religious leaders. She is frequently consulted to serve as a commentator, moderator for a panel discussion and share her understanding of higher education and public policy. Shelly serves as Director of Institutional Outreach and Advancement for Pillar College, she works very closely with her President and the Moriah Institute of the Hebrew University, where she has studied Biblical Archeology and assists a team of renowned archeologists in Israel guided trips to 15 archeological sites. She received a master’s degree in counseling from Pillar and is a Fellow with the Governing Institute of Public Policy and the Princeton Seminary Black Theological Leadership Institute.

Minister Bell, an ordained faith leader with Word Up Ministries, stands at the intersection of faith and politics. She serves as Coach for the Empower Proclaim Program at NYACK College, serves as a Trustee for the Fellowship Deaconry, a not-for-profit, inter-denominational Christian retreat and conference center.

She lives the phrase: “You can be happy at any time, just choose to be!” Bell can be reached via email at her website at