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Newtown, Connecticut Event Features Rochambeau Trail

July 13, 2024
10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Old Castle Drive, Old Castle Drive
Newton, CT 06470 United States

An exciting event is coming to Newtown, Connecticut which features the Rochambeau Trail!

The event is a free, community-wide event on the open space across from the Nettleton Preserve on the corner of Castle Hill Road and Old Castle Drive!

Activities include:

  • Historical experts speaking about Newtown’s role in winning the Revolutionary War, including
    • Ben Cruson, Town Historian
    • Bike & Trails Committee
    • Daughter’s of the American Revolution
  • Guided tours on/around French Army encampments
  • Guided tours on Newtown’s Washington-Rochambeau Trail that is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places – one of the last undisturbed sections that maintains its 18th century landscape around it, between Newport, RI and Yorktown, VA.
  • Interactive reenactments by the Revolutionary War – 5th Connecticut Regiment, including
    • Canon & musket demos
    • Colonial period children’s games and ‘boot camp’
    • Arts & Crafts, including Tricorn Hat making
    • Trail marches
  • BYO Community Picnic
    • Girl Scouts lemonade stand
    • Free Colonial Cotton Candy (Maple Craft Foods)
    • Snack/Drinks provided by other local business sponsors

Use this link to read more on Facebook!

Check the flyer below for more information!


Newtown Conservation Coaliton’s Historical Preservation Committee